About Me


Since I was a little girl I have loved organizing. On play dates I would organize the play rooms instead of play. Lets just say all the moms loved me. Fast forward 20 years, add a husband, two children and a pug and organization has become not just my passion, but a necessity I truly believe that a little organization can go a long way. Coming home after a long, but relaxing camping trip to dishes in the sink, frustrated that you cannot find that favorite pair of sweatpants, the pizza cutter as you pull the pizza out of the oven and  your daughters tablet that she has to have right now are just a few of the ways that disorganization can take over your life, making you more stressed and less happy.  I envision a life where everything has a place, where things we need on a daily basis can be found easily and the placement of those things just makes sense! It doesn’t hurt when the appearance of our spaces are aesthetically pleasing bringing a smile to our face and a calmness in our hearts. There’s just something about an organized, open space that makes you feel good!


I am also a lover of all things on sale! In fact whenever I come home from shopping my first words to my husband are, “It was on sale!” For this very reason I love shopping at thrift stores and flea markets and finding new uses for old items, especially ones that I can use to organize. 

My husband and I’s favorite date nights are hanging out at local breweries. It is a great way for us to reconnect and well actually talk to each other without having our two little ones (who we love dearly) demanding our full attention. 


On weekends my favorite thing to do is organize. And as I’m sure you can imagine I’m running out of spaces to organize in my home.  On my way home from work I often think to myself what can I organize when I get home? I often come up short, but then I just end up reorganizing a space, making it even more functional! 

I think we all have something we love as much as I love organizing. I think we are all truly passionate about something we just have to find it and so my hope for you is that when you do find that one thing that make your heart so happy you could scream it from the roof tops that you will have the courage to go after it, to follow your dreams, to create as much time as possible for the ones you love and to create a safe haven that allows you to relax and recharge for all your days. 

With Love,

Carly Miller