10 Entryway MUST Haves

For an Inviting, yet practical Space!

The entryway ( AKA mudroom or drop zone) is the first thing you see when entering into your home. It’s an area that is used several times a day. It’s where you put your keys, shoes, jackets, and other necessities for starting your day off right and ending it ready to take on the next. Therefore, this space is one of the most important spaces to maintain and if maintained well it will in turn help you to keep the rest of your home organized! Just imagine coming home after a long day of work. What do you want to see when you first walk through your door? How do you want it to make you feel? Stressed? Calm? Relaxed? I can bet you want to come home to a space that will ease your stress, make you feel at home and ready to relax! If your entryway is adding stress to your life, if it’s impossible to relax among the chaos that is your entryway, if your entryway just puts you in a downright bad mood, then this post is for you! Implement even half of the Entryway must haves below and I promise you, you will see a complete change in your space and the way you feel about your home!

#1 Key Hooks

Keys are the number 1 item that my clients complain about losing.  And I completely get it! If your keys don’t have a home then you tend to place them in a number of places and if you have kids, O boy you better just kiss those keys goodbye! Operation where did your kids put your keys goes into full effect and honestly they could be anywhere. Therefore, giving your keys a home, close to the door, out of your kids reach and then getting in the habit of placing them there day after day can be life changing. You will be amazed how much time and frustration it will save you! Just think about all the things you could get done each day if you weren’t wasting time trying to find your keys. So what are you waiting for? Put up some keys hooks, create good habits and never lose those keys again!

#2 Mail Holder

Bills. I know not a fun topic, but an important one.  Are you often late on paying your bills? Do they get lost in the piles of paper on the kitchen island or dining room table? Then a small mail holder could be just what you need! Try This… when you get your mail, separate it into three categories:

  • Junk mail/trash
  • Needs filed or
  • pay/and or take action on

Once you have done this, file important papers, throw out that junk mail and then place your bills that need to be payed or papers that you need to take action on in the mail holder by the door. Essentially, what this does is keeps those bills from getting lost and keeps the piles of paper clutter from building up. Not to mention everytime you walk through that door you are reminded that there are bills that need to be paid. Then at the end of each week grab all those bills and pay away. Never miss a due date again!

#3 Bench or Chair

As you get ready to start your day and head out the door it’s nice to have somewhere to sit, put your shoes on and just relax one last time. And even better when you walk through that door after a long day at work or a fun day at the park with the kids, it’s nice to have a place to sit down, take off your shoes before your off rushing to make dinner, bathe the kids and get them off to bed!

Have a large family or just a lot of shoes? Well a storage bench could be the answer to all your problems. Not only does it provide you with a place to sit to put your shoes on, but it will also provides a place to store them!  Not to mention it hides the shoe clutter! Talk about a inviting, yet practical space.

#4 Boot Tray

Rainy, muddy and snow covered days call for boot trays! Having a place to put those wet boots or muddy shoes so that they don’t track the mess throughout the house is a game changer! Not to mention they look so cool! Just hose off the boot tray every so often and you’ll be in great shape!

#5 Coat Rack or Hooks

These are a necessity! Whether your hanging jackets, book bags, purses, scarfs, dog leashes, etc. having a coat rack or hooks will make your life so much easier!

By having everything you need to walk out the door in the same place and conveniently located right next to the door you are able to find what you need so much faster, saving you time and stress.  Not to mention when coming back through that door, tired and just ready to relax, you will have a place to put every item, in a way that is neatly prepped for you to take on the next day, and in turn doesn’t add to your stress!

#6 Umbrella Storage

Talk about a serious opportunity for you to add style and practicality to your space! Use a large vintage milk jug, a natural bamboo umbrella stand or a industrial style umbrella stand to hold all your families umbrellas.  It will offer character and charm to your space and hold all those wet umbrellas that we just don’t know where to store! Whatever your style, having a place to put your umbrellas can save you so much time when it’s pouring rain and you need to get out the door.  It’s just another item that will be right where you need it when you need it! Talk about a life made easier!

#7 Storage Bins and Baskets

Storage bins and baskets are my all time, number one obsession, cats out of the bag! In all seriousness, bins and baskets are another great way to add style to a space and hide clutter. They have so many different colors, textures and materials. Whatever you style they have it from wicker, to wood, to cloth, to plastic, baskets and bins will save the day by keeping your items organized and beautifully hidden!

#8 Plant Life

Not only do plants bring the outside in, they are also good for your health! Believe it or not they actually do the opposite of what we do. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. That means more oxygen in your home! Studies have also shown that plants improve concentration and productivity by 15%, reduce stress levels and improve your mood! Check out the link to learn more about how bringing the outside in can make you healthier and more successful!

#9 A Mirror

Having a mirror near the door is great for checking your appearance one last time before heading out the door! You wouldn’t want to head out the door with lettuce in your teeth or a hug bump in your ponytail would ya? Not to mention this is yet another opportunity to add style to you space. Find a mirror that speaks to you, one that just puts a smile on your face and then right before you walk out the door, look in your mirror, and give yourself a wink and start that day off right!

#10 Something You Love

Last but not least, make your entryway your own by adding something you love, something that will put a big smile on your face the moment you walk through that door.  No matter what your style, beliefs, hobbies, passions, etc. find something that truly speak to you that will lift your spirits every time you see it. Whether it’s your favorite quote on a piece of barn wood, a beautiful photograph of your family, a vase of flowers, or pillows in your favorite color, make it your own! Whatever you choose it will be the perfect finishing touch for your space!

With love,

Carly Miller

Professional Organizer

Wide Open Spaces Organization

(513) 802-0733