5 Must Have Items For Every Room In Your Home

Below are some items as well as tips that every mom needs to be using in every room of their home in order to get her sanity back! We believe placing these items in every room of your home will make it easier for you to keep your home tidy so you can spend more time doing the things you love and also so you don’t constantly feel like a tornado just went through it!

  • Cleaning Supplies

Keeping cleaning supplies nearby will make it so much easier for you to keep up with the weekly dirt and grim. Most of you probably have one or two places that you tend to keep cleaning supplies within your home. Whether that’s under the kitchen sink or in the laundry room or any other place in your home, it doesn’t have to be the only place you keep cleaning supplies.  For example, you could keep toilet bowl cleaner and Clorox wipes in all of your bathrooms, that way if you happen to have an couple extra minutes in the morning or in the evening, you can quickly wipe down the counter and clean your toilet bowl before walking out the door or hitting the sack. If you can make you life easier by having the things you need nearby then you will be much more likely to use them! Some of my favorite, easily accessible cleaning supplies are pictured below.

Tip: Want an alternative? Try a shower caddy! Fill it with all your cleaning essentials for every room in your house and take it with you as you move through your home on cleaning day!

  • A Trash Can

So when it comes to trash cans the saying less is more just doesn’t really apply. In this case less is NOT more, more is more! Okay so what do I mean, basically having a trash can is every room of the home can be so beneficial. Keeping one in each of your bathrooms and bedrooms as well as one in your kitchen, living room and even dining room can keep you from having to constantly pick up random trash throughout your home! If you have trash cans nearby then you will be more likely to use them and so will your kids! Also, when deciding what size trash can to get for each space, be sure to factor in how much trash you normally have while in that space, that way you don’t feel like your trash cans are taking over the house. For example, in the kitchen you will want a large trash can because this is an area where we are throwing things away constantly, but in the bathroom or in your kids rooms you could get away with a much smaller trash can. Below are some great options if you are wanting a trash can that is a little more pleasing to the eye.

  • Shoe Storage

Shoes are one of the most commonly lost items, especially when rushing out the door. Getting your kids to take off their shoes as soon as they walk in the door can be difficult at times, making it even harder to locate them when it’s time to go. This is why having multiple place to store your families shoes within your home is a game changer! Having a place in your entry way to store them, having shoe racks in all the bedroom closets in your home, having a bench with baskets underneath for shoe storage in your living room and so on. This will give you and your kids multiple places to store their shoes so you can find them when it’s time to walk out the door, but also so you aren’t tripping over them while trying to make dinner!

Tip: Thinking that having multiple places to store shoes will just make it harder to find them? No worries, as long as you and your family members are always putting their shoes back in one of the places designated for shoes, you will always be able to find them quickly. Check out our shop tab for products that will help solve all your shoe storage problems!

  • Toy Bin

Toys, they just seem to multiply and move into every room of your home and honestly, it can get overwhelming! Not to mention as soon as we put some of them away, the little munchkins just get it back out and if you have boys well then look out they are like little wrecking balls ( meaning they enjoy dumping toys more than they do playing with them!) I get it trust me. Well, instead of trying to keep all the toys in one room, consider just keeping a toy bin in every room of your home. That way at the end of the night you can just quickly pick up the toys in each room and sleep better at night knowing that your house isn’t a complete wreck. Then one day a week try to move certain toys back to their designated areas or even better train your kids to do it!

Tip: I highly recommend storing some toys away in order to lesson the amount of toy clutter and clean up and so that you don’t feel like your kids toys are taking over your home! What’s even better is you can exchange the toys out every so often and your kids will think that they are brand new! #momwin! Cute toy bin storage ideas below!

  • Coat Hooks

Book bags, rain jackets, winter jackets, sweatshirts, the diaper bag, dog leashes, hats, scarves, purses and the list goes on! These items could easily take over your home and you constantly find them on the floor, am I right!? Sure you have a few hooks in the entry way for these item, but just like with you and your families shoes, getting them to take off their coats and bookbags and hang them up right when they walk in the door isn’t always easy.  What if instead of fighting this battle daily, we made it easier for them to hang up their belongings by putting hooks through out your home, giving your family members multiple places that they can hang their belonging up. Try putting some hooks up in the entryway, but also putting some up in the living room, and in your kids rooms! You will be surprised how much more likely they are to hang their belongings up instead of throwing them on to the floor! Check out our shop tab for products that will help solve all your shoe storage problems!

Tip: To lessen the amount of belongings that need to be hung up, I highly recommend only keeping current season clothing out. For example, during the summer months pack away all those winter jackets, winter hats, thick sweatshirt, etc. that way you have less that needs to be hung, then when winter rolls back around store those light jackets and light sweatshirts away! This will significantly cut down on the amount of items weighing down those hooks and taking up valuable space.

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Hope this gives you your sanity back momma!


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