What To Put In The Bathroom Closet vs. The Bathroom Cabinet

One of the most difficult parts of the organization process for many is where to start and where to put things. They walk into a space and are surrounded by clutter. Every where they look they see projects that need to be done. They know what they want the space to look like, but they don’t have the road map to get there. In times like these I suggest that they start with what they do know, the vision they have for that space. Then, take everything out so that they have a blank canvas to start with. Then they can slowly make their vision a reality. Below are some tips and tricks to help you do just that! You’ll learn about where to start, where to put things (whether that be in the bathroom closet or bathroom cabinet) and you’ll ultimately get that bathroom in tip top shape! So let’s get after it!

The Bathroom Closet

General Rule: I like to think of this space as a little store. An area where you can keep back stock items so that you always have what you need. These are items that you don’t use everyday, but that you want to still be accessible. For example, store extra towels and washcloths, extra toilet paper, spare bags and travel pouches, etc. For a complete list of items to store in your bathroom closet see chart below.

The Bathroom Cabinet

General Rule: This space is regularly used and therefore we want to store only the essentials in this space, things that we use every single day. For example, store one towel and washcloth per person, toothbrushes, a few rolls of toilet paper, a handful of Q-tips, etc. For a complete list of items to store in your bathroom cabinet see chart below.


Now that we have a general idea of where things should go we can start to think how we will create a system that will not only keep our things organized, but also make our lives easier! Follow the steps below to have a beautifully organized bathroom closet and cabinet.

reCAP FLIP Mason Jar Lid

  1. Measure, Measure, Measure: This step is so important! Measuring will ensure you purchase storage containers that not only fit in the space, but maximize your storage in that space.
  2. Shop Until You Drop: Okay not really, unless you love shopping as much as I do! Shop to find the containers, baskets, bins, etc. that are going to maximize your space and that are totally your style too! Click on the images below to check out some of my absolute favorite bathroom closet and bathroom cabinet organization items.

  3. Sort Like Items: Next, it’s important to sort all of the items into like categories. For example, put all the medicine together, all the towels ( hand towels and washcloths included) together, all the hair styling tools and products together, etc. 40% Off Chrome Wire Shelving at TheShelvingStore.com Tip: Some items are boxed into bulky cardboard boxes that not only take up way more space then they need to, but are also eye soars. I recommend that you unpack what you can. Whether that cotton balls, Q-tips, or toilet paper, you will be surprised how much space it really does end up saving you.
  4. Place in containers, baskets, bins, etc. And Label: Start to place like items into your containers, basket, bins, etc. in a way that makes sense to you, remember to keep like items together that way all items are easier to find. And don’t forget to label so that finding and putting things back is simple for the whole family!

I hope this post has given you the confidence and motivation that you needed to take on that next project. You now know where to start and where to put things so get after it so you can start saving money and time!

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