Master Makeup Organization Once and For All

Quiz, Charts & DIY Solution Included!

Makeup can be one of the messiest and trickiest things to store. Not to mention if you are like me it tends to multiply and before you know it your makeup is taking up a large portion of your bathroom storage. In this post we are going to talk about how to tackle this common problem once and for all! No more digging through a bag or drawer to find that favorite blush. No more makeup stains on the bathroom counter and on the insides of your drawers. No more struggling with what makeup to keep and what makeup to toss. We’ve got all the tips and tricks that are going to keep your makeup clean, and organized as well as help you to streamline your morning routine.

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1. Save or Toss
I get it. It’s hard to let go of makeup we paid quite a bit for even if it is expired, but letting go of some will create space for you to store other essential items in your bathroom, making your life easier and less stressful. So how do you know if your makeup has expired? No worries, we gotcha! Most expiration dates can be found on the back of the product container. They normally look like the picture to the right. For example, 12m stands for 12 months, 6m stands for 6 months.

General Rule
So as a general rule, you should replace your mascara every three to four months, eyeliner and eye-shadow every six to 12 months, and lipstick every 12 months. Meanwhile, the average expiration dates for foundation, powder, and other facial makeup is 12 months. This is outlined in the picture below.

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It’s actually really bad for your skin! It can cause bad reactions, bumps, blisters, infections, pink eye, breakouts, etc. Also, the efficiency of active ingredients can become compromised over time such as SPF for sun protection, salicylic acid for acne prevention or retinol to prevent fine lines.

2. Choose Placement

Before you choose a makeup organizer, you want to think about the space and layout of our bathroom. Specifically, think about how much space you have under the sink, on the wall, on the counter, in a cabinet or on a shelf nearby as well as what space is available or could be available to store your makeup? Consider your personal preferences? Do you like things put away or out? Also, think about where you complete certain tasks. You want to try to store items where you use them. This will save you so much time throughout the day.  Lastly, try to store makeup that you use the most often in an area that’s easily accessible, while makeup that you do not use as often try to store up high or down low or behind products that are used often.

3. Quiz: “What’s your makeup organization Style?”

  1. When it comes to your bathroom counters you..
    a. Don’t really use your counters for much, so bring it on.
    b. Some items are okay, but I need/ like to have some counter space
    c. Want them completely cleared off at all times or you will go crazy
  2. What’s your current makeup organization solution?
    a. Thrown in a bag or drawer that I have to dig through regularly
    b. Scattered all over my counter
    c. In a basket placed underneath my bathroom sink.
  3. Your bathroom storage is…
    a. Completely filled up, if I open the cabinet doors stuff will fall out

     b. There is some space available.

     c. There is hardly anything underneath my bathroom sink.

 4. Your bathroom is…
      a. Tiny as tiny can be
      b. Medium sized, but could use some more storage
      c. Large, I love how much space I have!

 5. When it comes to containers I prefer..
      a. White plastic, I like items in the container to be hidden and also like that I can             wash it out if need be
      b. Wicker, its stylish and hides the clutter
      c. Clear plastic, I like to see what inside without having to get the container out or          pull out a drawer.

6. About how much makeup do you have?
    a. A small amount
    b. A lot honestly
    c. A ton! It’s kind of an obsession, its just keep multiplying, HELP!

7. What is your budget for a makeup organization solution?
    a. Well about $10 or less – a DIY sounds good to me!
    b. $20-$30 – Not sure about doing a DIY project
    c. Budget? I hate that word. I have erased it from my vocabulary.

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4. Select Storage Option

Which makeup organization solution is right for you!? Click on images to shop! 

  • Storage Options
    Large Drawer Organizer
    I recommend this for someone who has a large drawer in their bathroom, larger than the normal sized drawer.

  • Makeup Organizer
    I recommend this option to someone who has a lot of bathroom counter space and also doesn’t mind having some items on the counter verses put away.

  • Clear Plastic Sorter
    I recommend this for someone who has some cabinet space. That way they can get the sorter out do their makeup and then put it away.

Stylish Shower Caddy
This is an extremely affordable option. I recommend this for someone who has some cabinet space. That way they can get the sorter out do their makeup and then put it away.
Magnet Makeup Board
I highly recommend this for someone who has a tiny bathroom, but some wall space. This solution will make putting makeup on easy because of its accessibility. To create this storage option you could purchase the magnet/chalk board below and then just hot glue magnets to the back of your makeup products. What even more of a DIY project? Head to your nearest hardware store and purchase some magnetic paint. In your bathroom choose a spot near a mirror where you would like your makeup board to be placed. Tape off a medium sized portion and paint three layers within the space.  Once it drys, remove tape and add a frame. Place magnets on the back of your makeup products and place them on your new Magnet makeup Board! 

5. Organize and Upkeep

Organize and Label 
Put your makeup away using the organizer of your choosing and put like items together. For example, all your brushes should be placed together, as well as eye shadows, eyeliners, foundations, concealers and so on. And remember to make it easy to get to the makeup that you use everyday.

Labeling is so important! Labeling will make it so much easier for you to remember where each makeup product goes as well as help to motivate you to put it back. This will make your life so much easier, especially when you are rushed to get out the door! 

Tip: If you have 3-5 items that you use everyday, you might want to have those items placed together that way you know exactly where they are when you are half asleep in the morning and can grab, apply and go!

Don’t forget to clean brushes and wipe down makeup products twice a month! This will keep your organizers, counters and drawers from getting covered with makeup. If we can make doing these things a habit, it will not just keep your makeup areas clean, but it will also save you time, money and stress!

Tip: Give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning. This will allow you to put things back in their place and maybe even clean counters off when your finished. You will be surprised how much of a difference five extra minutes minutes in the morning can make. Want to streamline this process? Check out my favorite products to use to get your makeup brushes clean! Click the image to shop and start saving time, money, and stress!

Makeup Brush Egg

Glass Spray Bottle- Mix water and vinegar in a small bowl, mix two parts warm water to one part vinegar to create the perfect cleaning solution for those brushes!

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