5 Must Have Organization Products for Your Bathroom

What happens in the bathroom? Well beside the obvious, there is a lot that goes on! Its where we do our hair, our makeup, brush our teeth, shower, wash our hands, put on lotion, put on essential oils, shave, etc. And its also where we store all of the items that we need to do the things listed above. In order to streamline our mornings its so important for us to have all of the items we need in the same room, but more than that if we can also organize these items within that room, giving each item its own home then our morning routine could be cut in half!  Just imagine what you could do with just a little extra time, you could sleep in, you could have that cup of coffee before you leave for work or maybe you could even have breakfast ( I know crazy right)! The possibilities are endless! Below are my 5 must have organization products for a beautiful and functional bathroom that will not only streamline your morning routine, but also save you so much time to do the things you love with the ones you love! 

1. Hanging Rope Shelf
This shelf is so beautiful, unique and most of all functional. I just love how it brings beauty to a room that can be not so beautiful, especially when you have little ones. I also love the vibe it gives off. Its like an artsy / bohemian vibe. It makes me feel happy and calm just looking at it. And honestly, no other shelf has made me feel all those things! I highly recommend this shelf, not only for the reasons above, but also because it is functional. Its the perfect place to put hand towels and toilet paper ( they fit perfectly)! And the best part, you can order this shelf for $25 bucks and it will ship to your house within a day (I’m speaking from experience!)  Just image, you could have this beauty in your bathroom in no time and I promise you won’t regret it!

Shop Hanging Rope Shelf below! (Just click the link!)

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Asliny – Hanging Shelf Wall – Floating Swing Storage Shelves Jute Rope Organizer Rack, 3 Tier Handmade Shelves (Brown)

2. Wall Hanging Towel Holder
I LOVE discovering multiple uses for item after item! With that said, this wine rack would make not only a great wine rack in your kitchen, but it would also make the perfect towel rack in your bathroom. Its especially a great solution if you don’t have a hall closet to store towels. Hang this wine rack up on your bathroom wall, roll your towels and then place them on the rack and Wah-la! You have the perfect place to store your unused towels. Place an over the door towel rack on the back of your bathroom door for those used towels and just like that you don’t need a hall closet at all and everything you do need, when in the bathroom is within arms reach! Talk about stream-ling your bathroom routine and just think about all the time you’ll save.

Shop Wall Hanging Towel Holder and Over the Door Towel Rack below! ( Just click on the images)

3. Lazy Susan
We typically think of a lazy Susan being used in the kitchen or in the craft room, but here’s another idea, how about in the bathroom too! Most people keep all of their cosmetic products either in a drawer or container, but imagine if you placed them in a lazy Susan. It would make your morning route so much easier. You could just spin your Susan until you find what you need, instead of having to get frustrated digging through that container or drawer.

I especially love using a lazy Susan for my hair products. I have quite a view and they are kept beneath my bathroom sink. I use to hate having to bend down, and then honestly I would end up sitting down because I would have to dig through my container for a while to find what I needed. Well now that I have had a lazy Susan for all my hair products I have found that in makes my crazy, busy mornings that much easier because I can just reach down, spin that Susan if I need to, grab that hair product, use it and then put it back! Give it a try I promise you’ll love it!

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mDesign Plastic Round Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable Food Storage Container for Cabinet, Pantry, Refrigerator, Countertop, Spinning Organizer for Spices, Condiments, Baking Supplies – Clear

4. Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers
I have been using clear plastic drawer organizers for years and I wish I knew how much time they have actually saved me, because I feel like its got to be months! This is such a simple and affordable way to make it easier to find the things you need. In my bathroom I have one for hair ties, poppy pins, earrings, roll on essential oils, and hand creams. It makes my morning routine easy, I don’t have to dig through a drawer to find what I need. I can simply open the drawer and grab what I need within second.

Shop Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers below. (Just click the link!)

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STORi Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

5. Glass Jars
Glass jars are just so pretty and affordable! I love OUI French Style yogurt and even better they come in the cutest glass jars ever! And they are just the perfect size for Q-tips and floss picks! I love having these on the counter, especially because I use them everyday. They are so easy to get to and O so pretty to look at!

I also like to use mason jars for my makeup brushes. They are the perfect height for them and again look so pretty. You can get a pack of two for less than $10 dollars or a Pack of 12 for only $24! And don’t even get me started on all the uses for mason jars! We’ll have to save that for blog post in the future!

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reCAP FLIP Mason Jar Lid

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