Top Five Must Have Items For Every Office Space

The average worker spends around 40 hours a week and 25-30 years of their life in their office. That’s a lot of time! Because of this its so important to have a calm and productive workspace ( see last weeks blog post!) and in order to make this a reality there are certain items that I believe are a must! Below are the five items that I swear by to help you create a work environment that you love. These must haves items help to keep me organized, efficient and on schedule throughout my work week!  

  1. Supply cart
    Supply carts are so convenient and can help you to be super efficient! Place all of your essentials on your supply cart and take it along with you as you move around . This will help you to get to the items you need faster, while also helping to make you more efficient. Then when you are done you can roll it back into a closet or space along the wall, so it is out of the way.  Not to mention they are just so adorable! What supplies should you store on the supply cart? Whatever you want! Pens, pencils, printer paper, books, candles, etc. The possibilities are endless.    
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2. Peg Boards

Pegboards are life! They are so great because you can literally use them anywhere in your home and store anything on them. But my favorite place to use them is the office! Store pens, pencils, paper clips, papers, crafts, photographs, plant life ( fake, I can’t keep a plant alive), books, and so much more on your peg board! Literally anything!  So where can you find the perfect pegboard for your office space? There are also so many different places and types of peg boards out there now! You can make a DIY pegboard. Just go to your local hardware store, get a peg board, some paint and make it your own or if you want a more modern look then head to Ikea. They have plastic pegboards that have all different kinds of add ons, allowing you to store more than you ever imagined possible. Wanting something a little more affordable? Shop the link below for a beautiful alternative! 

Wall Plastic Decorative DIY Convenient Pegboard Wall Mount Display Wall Organization Storage Wall Shelf for Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Office ,Set of 2(White)


3. Bulletin Board

For most of us, it’s important to have a schedule or to-do list posted nearby while working. Most of us also have reminders, passwords, and goals that you don’t want to forget about! If you were to place these items in a file or even a magazine holder off to the side of our workspace we might forget about them. We might forget to turn something in or we might miss an important meeting. Therefore, I highly recommend hanging a bulletin board, in plain sight, where you can hang these important items. The bulletin board is perfect for those to-do lists, reminders and passwords, as well as goals you don’t want to forget. Seeing your to-do list or schedule will not only keep you on track, but it will also help you to achieve your goals!!

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  1. White Ikea Magazine Holders
    I love theses so much because not only do they help me to stay organized, but they also hide the look of clutter. You can use them for magazines, important papers, books, planners, cards, printer paper, etc.! I have two on my desk that I use religiously. One is for magazines and the other is for important papers and my planner! It makes it so much easier to locate items as I need them. Like the look of clear verses white? Then
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  1. Drawer organizers
    Drawer organizers are a life changer. They make it super easy for you to find what you need, when you need it. Whether you need a paper clip, post-it-note or a piece of tape, if we have drawer organizers we can quickly locate the items we need and move onto whatever’s next rather than having to dig through your drawers because everything is buried. Having drawer organizers help us to be more efficient and save time! Not to mention they look so pretty! Try the DIY version pictured below or click the link below to shop my favorite drawer organizers! 
    STORi Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set


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