My Top 5 Kitchen Utensil Storage Solutions

Do you have to dig through your utensils to find that wooden spoon or that silicone spatula? Or is that utensil holder so stuffed to the max that getting one out is like pulling Excalibur out of its stone! I get it, kitchen utensils can be really challenging to store! With all the different kinds, shapes, sizes, etc. it can be hard to find a storage solution that makes sense for them all! Well I am here to save the day with my top 5 FAVORITE kitchen utensil storage solutions!

#1 DIY Rake Utensil Holder


I am a garage sale junkie! I love the hunt for items that I can repurpose and use to solve organization issues within my home, especially when they add to my farmhouse vibe! I had seen an idea to use an old rake to store wine glasses and thought to myself why not kitchen utensils too. So I started looking for an old rake and ended up finding one at a garage sale for $1! My dad helped me shorten the arm of the rake and the next day my husband put it up on the wall in our home. I was able to place all my kitchen utensils on it and they fit perfectly! That old rake was now a functional yet aesthetically pleasing piece in my home and it only cost me $1!

#2 Porcelain Pitcher Utensil Holder

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I see the most beautiful pitchers and canisters new and old all the time. I love them as a decor piece, but it’s hard for me to justify having decor pieces in my kitchen with it being so small in size. I feel like I need every inch of counter space I can get! Well beautiful pitchers and canisters are a great compromise. Not only do they look awesome they also can be practical! Put those kitchen utensils in that beautiful moss green pitcher or vintage white canister and tada! You have a beautiful decor piece that is functional as well!

# 3 Ikea Fintorp Rail Systems

Looking for something a little bit more modern? Then this is the option for you! Not only does Ikea have some of the best organization products around, but they also are super affordable! Ikea is one of my top 10 places to shop organization products. With all that said, you have to check out their Fintorp rail systems even if your style isn’t modern because honestly they have so many different options to choose from! They are so cool! Just imagine cooking up your favorite soup, grabbing your wooden spoon to start stirring and instead of having to sift through that drawer overflowing with kitchen utensils, you reach over to your Ikea rail and simply just take that wooden spoon right off its hook. Sounds great right? It is you got to check them out!

# 4 Hanging Coffee Mug Holder

I found this holder on amazon. I purchased it for my coffee mugs because I wanted my coffee mugs to be easier to get to and be seen ( I have some really cool coffee mugs!) and this piece did the trick! Not to mention it would be yet another way I could add functional, decor pieces into my kitchen! And let me tell you this piece did the trick! I simply inserted the holder onto the bottom of your cabinet and then hung away. I then realized that this piece could be used for kitchen utensil storage too! I tested it out and it worked great. The utensil hung fine and didn’t even touch the counter top. Not to mention they were so easy to get to!

# 5 Cabinet Door Hanging Utensil Storage

Do you prefer a more clean look? Would you rather have everything put away, out of sight, out of mind? Or do you just have a mismatch of kitchen utensils that you don’t want to be seen? Then this option is for you and it won’t cost you more than $5 bucks! The answer: command hooks! Get a pack of six and place them on the inside of a cabinet door near your stove top and they will be easy to get to and even better, they will be hidden!

Organizing small items can change your world more than you know! And what a better way to start then with something small! So hop off that comfy couch and just do it!! I promise you won’t regret it!

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