Spice Jar Organization: The How To Guide

IMG_6036Spice Jars can be quite difficult to store. Sure we can just set them on a shelve in the pantry or in a cabinet, but as we accumulate more and more jars it gets harder and harder to find what we need. We end up having to dig and dig, all the while getting more and more frustrated because we can’t find what we are looking for! Sound like you!? Then this post is for you!

Before I jump into some organization options! I think it’s important to complete a couple of important steps to get you prepped! The steps below will get you ready for whatever organization solution you choose!

Important Steps

Step 1: Go through your spice jars and get rid of any expired spices and condense any doubles you may have!

Step 2: Evaluate your space! Where will you most likely be storing your spice jars so that it is near the stove top and also where it will be easy to get to. Also think about where the space is. Will it go in the cabinet? The pantry? The back of your pantry door on a rack? the counter? A drawer? Knowing where the space is will help us know which organization option and products will be best for us to help us get and stay organized!

Step 3: Choose what you will use to organize your spice jars. For example, a spice rack step shelf organizer , eight tier door rack , DIY spice jar drawer organizer with slanted tiers (directions below!) Also think about whether you want to put all your spice jars in matching jars (It looks pretty, but of course not necessary!) and make some DIY labels for them or do you want to leave them in the jars they came in! It’s up to you!

Step 4: Remember to put your spice jars where they are easy to get to and as close to the stove top as you can! And of course make sure to put your spice jars back when you are done using them!

Organization Options

Option #1 In a Drawer ( My personal favorite!)

Do you want to store your spice jars in a drawer? Maybe in one close to the stove top? Doing so will allow your spice jars to be in arms reach as you whip up something yummy! How easy! Even better I have the most cost effective way to store them in that drawer. A drawer organizer with two slanted tiers! Your spice jars are slanted making it so easy to see them and grab them and get back to cooking! And believe it or not it is made out of a foam gutter guard! Yes, you heard that right! Trust me it works beautifully! And guess how much it costs… $6! Yep that’s it! If you jump online you can find drawer organizers with tiers, but they range from $15- $50 bucks! Wanna Give it a try!? I swear its easy! Just follow the directions below!

DIY Spice Jar Drawer Organizer With Slanted Tiers ( Pictured Above)

What you will need: a ruler, scissors, and one foam gutter filter


1. Measure the drawer that you will be using to store your spice jars. Measure the width, length and height.

2. Once your measured take the foam gutter filter and cut it down so that it will fit into the drawer. 3. Fill the drawer with the filter pieces. With one foam gutter filter you should be able to make two to four tiers within the drawer.

4. Once you have all your pieces in place put your spice jars in the drawer and that it! I told you it was easy!

Option #2 In a Cabinet or Pantry on a Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer

This is a great second option. This step shelf allows you to stack your spices in a cabinet or pantry, but actually allows you to see them all at once. No more digging in the back of the cabinet or pantry trying to find what you need, while your food is burning! These can be found online for $15- 25 bucks!

Option #3 Eight Tier Door Rack on a Pantry Door

The eight tier door rack is great for small pantries. Not only does it provide you extra storage, it also gives you a great place to store those spice jars! Online these door racks range anywhere from $20 – $40 bucks!

Organizing small spaces and items can change your world more than you know! I can’t think of a better way to start your organization journey then with this simple and small project! So hop off that comfy couch and just do it!! I promise you won’t regret it!

Carly Miller

Wide Open Spaces Organization

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