My Top 5 Must Have Pantry Organization Products!

1. Hanging Wire Door & Wall Rack

This simple wire rack can add so much space to you pantry. This is a great organizing unit for small or large pantries.  Have a small pantry? Then hang it on the back of the door. Have a large pantry or a kitchen with empty wall space? Then hang it on the wall ( use that empty space!) Also, with it being on the back of the door or on the kitchen wall it also makes this storage area very easy to get to; therefore this is a great place to keep seasoning, canned goods, cookies, snack packs, etc. Below are a number of places you can purchase this type of organization rack ( with prices!)

  • Container Store (White Elfa Pantry Door & Wall Rack) – $80. 50
  • Ikea ( Algot Wall Upright Shelves) – $73.00
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond (Salt Pantry Organizer) – $39.99
  • *Amazon (Closetmaid) – $25.00

2. Storage Containers and Totes

Clear storage containers are great because they come in all different sizes they even have a clear lazy susan! ( but don’t get me talking about lazy susans just yet or this will be the longest posts of posts!) My favorites are the long, rectangle shaped ones because you can place them longways and they take up the entire shelf ( no wasted space!) I also love these because you can see what’s in them easier! So if you are someone who hates containers in the panty because you can’t see what’s in them, then I recommend you get these clear containers. Options Below!

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (iDesign Large Bath Storage Container) – 19.99
  • Container Store ( White Omaha Steel Mesh bins) – $9.99 -$17.99
  • Big Lots (Sterile Storage Box) – $1- $3.75
  • Amazon (mDesign Plastic Storage Bin) – $15.99
  • Walmart (YBMHome Pantry Storage Organizer Bin) – $18.75

These particular White storage containers are amazing because they have a cut out in the front, making it super easy to grab and go. You don’t even have to pull these containers out to see what’s inside or grab. I like to use them for snacks for the kids and myself let’s be honest!Where I get my white cut out storage bins and price below!

  • Ikea (Valeria Storage Box) – $2.79 – $4.50

The FLEX TRAY! I put this in all caps because they are one of my all- time favorite products! These totes are not your average totes they are so flexible and although they are made out of plastic, they feel like silicone! This allows them to fit better in your spaces and be super safe for your babies. You don’t have to worry about splinters or your three year old bashing your one year old over the head with it. That happens to you all to right!? Not to mention, they are also so versatile! You can use them anywhere and I so do! The pantry, garage, bathroom, kitchen, playroom, hall closet and so much more! Even better than all that, you can throw them in the dishwasher! Yeah you heard that right! So when they get full of crumbs in the pantry, full of saw dust in the garage, or full of dirt and grim in the bathroom you can just throw them in the dishwasher and they’ll be as good as new! They are only three dollars at home depot, right now!! So get off the couch or out of that chair or off the floor, escape the babies, give yourself some me time and go get some!! I swear by these! If you don’t love them I’ll buy them off of you!

Tip: I also like to switch it up and have a couple different types of storage containers in my pantry. One because each type is great for specific items and also because I like variety and don’t want to see what’s in all of my storage container. For me it can look to cluttered if we only use clear containers, but if it doesn’t bother you then have at it! I also like to get storage containers that are easy to clean, which all of the ones mentioned here are!

  • Home Depot ( Flex Trays) – $2.99

3. Mason Jars

I’ve been obsessed with jars since I was a little girl. Every garage sale, antique and goodwill store my family went to growing up I tried to find the coolest jars! So it was no surprise when josh and I got married the center pieces were gonna be mason jars! We started ( and by me I mean I) collecting them like crazy ( my crazy self wanted three per table!) and so after the wedding we then had all these mason jars! They become the main decor as well as organization item in our home! I had josh use them in his shop for nuts, bolts, screws and whatever else there is in a shop. I used them as vases, a way to contain binder pins, paper clips,  nail polish, and the list goes on and on! But my favorite use for these jars became storage for all our favorites in the pantry! Snacks, crackers, baking items, oats, candy, nothing was safe from being put in a mason jar! You name it I put it in a mason jar! And let me tell you, not only did it look great, they kept my food fresh! So of course as time went on I needed more, but didn’t want to pay a whole lot for them ( my husband would have killed me if I did!) my dad ( my organizing inspiration – no seriously you should see his basement!) started buying peaches in jars at Cosco, eating all the delicious peaches, washing them out and using them for all his storage needs! So pictured below are some of the peach jars that you can get at Cosco and then repurpose! All my favorite things: peaches, jars, repurposing! Ekk! Give it a shot!

  • Cosco (Kirkland sliced peach jars, 4 ct.) – $10
  • Kroger ( 12 ct. mason jars) – $10
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4. Cereal Containers

Does anyone else not really like the look of cereal boxes in the pantry!? Or better yet can you not wait to get those cereal boxes emptied because you want to repurpose the boxes to organize something else ( some cool ideas will be share in my upcoming e-book!)? If not that, do you just want fresh cereal?  Then you have got to get these cereal containers! They are good looking! And range in price, color and size! Below is a list of places you can find them and how much they cost!

  • Amazon ( chef’s path cereal storage containers- 3 piece set) – $24
  • Sears ( 3 piece cereal storage) – $6

5. Lazy Susan’s

Lazy Susan’s are one of the best inventions ever! I don’t know who invented them,  but hallelujah! Lazy Susan’s are circular trays that spin, making it easy for you to find the items you need and quick! No more digging in the back of the pantry to find those condiments, put them in a lazy Susan and save time and frustration! These also range in size, normally come in white or clear and vary in price as well! My favorite ones are those with a lip on them so the items don’t fall as your spinning and I also prefer clear ones because then it makes it even easier to find what you need quickly!! Below are some places you can find them and how much they cost!

  • Home goods ( clear Lazy Susan, large) – $7.99
  • Amazon – ( mdesign, two tier lazy Susan) – 17.99

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a Happy Sunday!!


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